Asian Roofing is the Leading Manufacturer of upvc square rainwater gutter system, which provides exceptional water carrying system, comes with easy installation and free maintenance.

Upvc Gutters has more water carrying capacity gutter of same size. With a normal width of duct area, the gutter drainage can withstand heavy rain and does not overflow. The flow outlet has a circumference of 90mm and different sizes which makes it easier for water flow and dried leaves. There is no water accumulation in the gutter.

Note: Figures are indicate only.

Water collected in gutters can be drained down, using pipes and can be filtered and collected in underground tanks for rainwater harvesting, making it environment-friendly.


1. Exceptional water carrying system

2. Easy installation

3. Weather resistance, No Leaks

4. More Durable

5. Leaf guard (prevent block due to leaves)

6. Maintained even with high climate conditions

7. Maintenance free

8. Suitable for all kinds of buildings and warehouses

9. Cost Effective


1. Commercial uses

2. Godowns and warehouses.

3. Theaters and Community halls.

4. Hospitals and schools.

5. Factories.

6. Auditoriums.

7. Industries

Upvc Gutters

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