With years of industry experience, we have been turned as a leading manufacturers and supplier of high quality Roof Ventilators in all designs and shapes. This ventilator is designed and developed as per the set industry norms. Our organization is delivering an extensive range of Roof Ventilator products Manufacturers in Coimbatore. Our superlative roof ventilator brings a breezy feel with optimal air circulation.

Wind driven roof for Your Industry with matching fiberglass reinforced plastic FRP base plate. Ventilation is simply the process of replacing stale, hot air with clean and fresh air hence providing the pleasant working environment. Turbo Ventilator and the FRP base plate is technically designed to suit the various site conditions and provide max exhaust and rotation of air continuously, hence virtually providing pleasant and fresh air for the healthy work environment.

Turbo ventilator is so designed having max fan blade hence providing optimal exhaust and at the same time is protective towards rain and dust.

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Do you face HEAT issues in your Factory, Dining Area of marriage Hall, Kitchen in Hotel, Labour Sheds, Dying Units, Workshops, etc.

Roof ventilator can help extend the life of a commercial building or industry by providing proper airflow. Heat and humidity regulation with a fan in the attic.


1. Wind Driven

2. Easy installation

3. Runs Without Electric Power

4. Zero Operational & Maintenance Cost

5. Highly Affordable

6. Efficient even without fast blowing wind

7. Reduce the maintenance and operation cost of lights and exhaust fans

8. Suitable for all kinds of building and explosive environment

9. 24hrs ventilation is assured


1. Turbo ventilators used in Industries.

2. Turbo ventilators used in Godowns and warehouses.

3. Turbo ventilators used in Theaters and Community halls.

4. Hospitals and schools.

5. Factories.

6. Auditoriums.

7. Power houses and lift rooms

Roofing Ventilators

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