Asian Roofing is the principal supplier of PUF Panel Sheets in Coimbatore. We Provide PUF Panel Sheet which are light weight, Energy Efficient & Durable panels. We are leading manufacturer of puf panel and insulated panel products. We present the superior quality of Puf panels to our customers at a nominal rate.

The foams are sandwiched between steel, aluminum, cement, MDF boards or a combination of these. They are known for their superior strength and insulation properties

The overall applications of a PUF Panel is professionally structured and designed & possess a smart detailing and appearance. The main benefit of the Puff panel is the low capital amount, less maintenance, inherent resistance to earth quakes, faster construction time and faster construction choice of layouts.

Note: Figures are indicate only.

Provided by us in different size specifications, layering depends on the climatic conditions and its use.

They are cost efficient and can be used in cold storage facilities, portable cabins, control rooms, freezer room, accommodation shelter, ripening chamber


1. High load bearing capacity

2. Excellent and durable thermal insulation.

3. Absolute water and vapour barrier

4. Reduces the effects of noise pollution

5. Lighter and easier to install

6. Durable and Inexpensive

7. Variety of colours and finish

8. Considerable energy savings.

9. Long life and very low maintenance cost, Good sound insulation

10. Easy repair and replacement in case of damage.

11. Capacity for rapid erection without lifting equipments

12. Providing resistance to weather and aggressive environments


1. Available in endless dimensional requirements

2. Durability and high load bearing capacity

3. Water and vapor resistance

4. Flexible design options

5. Easy installation and low maintenance requirements

6. Weather proof guarantee

7. Polyurethane Insulation panels are 100% environment friendly

8. Resistant to corrosion, fungus, parasite and other damages

Puff Thickness 30mm - 120mm
Wall Thickness 0.30mm - 0.60m
Length 15 Mtr

Puf Panel Sheets

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