We are renowned suppliers of thermal insulation sheets in coimbatore. We fulfill the needs of our clients by providing high density thermal insulation sheets which shield your buildings from any damaging weather conditions.

We offers a unique combination of material properties that makes it superior to other thermoplastic material or glass, making it the ideal product for roofing, glazing and fabrication.

Asian Roofing provides environmentally-friendly Heat Insulation material, which is soft, light and easy to install. It is made from aluminum foil and polyethylene. It has no odor and toxicity. It overcomes the discomfort and environmental damage brought by glass fiber and epispastic materials. It resist ultraviolet radiation that can penetrate through sheet iron, concrete, wood and other common heat insulation materials.

Asian Roofing heat insulation material has good insulation, heat reflection & insulation and anti-radiation functions. It has good moisture-barrier, heat preservation, easy to install, fire resistance, enviromental friendly, saves energy in housing construction.

Versatility Matched With Durability

1. Easy to install

2. No odor and toxicity, environmentally-friendly

3. Energy Saving

4. Light, soft, dust free, fire retardant.

5. Heat reflection, heat & sound insulation, anti- radiation, anti- vibration, and shielding.

6. Moisture, sun-proof, waterproof, good sealing property, heat preservation.


1. Enhanced corrosion protection

2. Reduce the electricity consumption (in many storage area and cold storage)

3. Very low maintenance

4. Stable heat performance during high humidity environments.

5. Excellent durability and resist moisture

Thermal Insulation Sheets

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