Asian Roofing supplies MS Pipes which are made out of High Grade Steel for your dream construction. MS Pipes is the combination of strength and durability. MS Pipes are manufactured using low carbon (less than0.25%) steel. They are not harden and are hassle-free and its easy to use due to its low carbon level used in steel.

Asian Roofing is supplier of MS Pipes in TamilNadu serving in coimbatore. We deal with the best Quality, Strength & Durability of MS pipes. They are made from mild steel and it can be formed in various sizes and shapes and easily welded.

They are used in most of the places for drinking water supplies, plumbing, Hvac, Firefighting and in Industrial & Engineering applications. It can last up to 100 years if placed in a well maintained environment. These pipes are used in Telecom Towers, Scaffoldings.


1. Exceptional water carrying capacity

2. Cost effective

3. Weather resistance, No Leaks

4. More Durable, strength

5. It can be easily welded

6. MS pipes ensure around 100 years of lifespan

7. Maintenance free

8. Suitable for all kinds of buildings and warehouses

9. Easy to fabricate and readily available


1. Commercial uses

2. Industrial Sheds

3. Bridges.

4. Telecom Towers.

5. Scaffoldings.

6. Mine roof support system.

MS Pipes

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