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We Are The Best Roofing Sheets Manufacturer

We manufacture the finest roofing sheets in Coimbatore for residential, commercial and industrial use. We manufacture colour and metal roofing sheets via world-class machinery. Contact us to buy roofing sheets made in high-quality technology.

Welcome to Asian Roofing

We Provide The Best Colour And Metal Roofing Sheets

Asian Roofing is an excellent roofing sheet manufacturing company in Coimbatore. We have been producing the best roofing sheets since 2014. Roofing sheets for your residential, commercial and industrial needs can be provided with the help of high-quality technology. We are well-known colour and metal roofing sheets & roof ventilators manufacturers and suppliers.

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Our Products

We Provide Modernized and Customized Products

We make the best modernized products for contemporary architecture. We produce elegantly designed and customized products for your building. 

Residential Roofing

We provide modernized and customized roofing sheet products for your residential.

Commercial Roofing

We provide modernized and customized roofing sheet products for your commercial.

Industrial Roofing

We provide modernized and customized roofing sheet products for your industrial.

Our Products

We produce multiple high quality roofing sheets that last a long time. And also produce roofing sheets from solid metal in many colours.

Why Choose Us

We Are The Smarter In Latest Roofing Market

Technology plays a major role in roofing sheet production. We design premium quality innovative roofing sheets with modern technology tools. We are smarter in the roofing sheet market.


We provide you premium quality roofing sheets by using high quality raw materials.


We provide you with innovative roofing sheets by using innovative technology machines.

Our Process

How We Works

We produce the best roofing sheets as mentioned below. We submit all types of testing to our product. We manufacture and supply colour and metal roofing sheets with highly professional staffs.


We will thoroughly explore your required roofing sheets. We choose the best raw material for it.


We will develop roofing sheets for you with the best staff. We test roofing sheets in various stages.


We design and produce color and metal roofing sheets using many sophisticated techniques.


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We design the best roofing sheets & roofing ventilators for you. We produce multiple colour and metal roofing sheets with latest technology. Contact us to buy the best roofing sheets that serve for long days.

Asian Roofing

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Meet Our Expert Team

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Our Projects

Featured Projects

We offer our quality roofing sheets for a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial. We have worked on the following featured projects among the many projects.

Industrial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Warehouse Roofing

Public Place Roofing

Industrial Roof Ventilator

Industrial Color Roofing